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Deven Verma
Titan Award

Sidebar Summit presents the Deven Verma Titan Award in recognition of the amazing accomplishments and contributions to technology and innovation.

The award is named after Deven Verma - the original Sidebar Summit curator.

Steve Jurvetson
Titan of
Venture Capital

The inaugural Titan Award was presented to Steve Jurvetson - a true Titan of Venture Capital. Steve led founding investments in several companies that had successful IPOs and others that were billion-dollar acquisitions, representing $800 billion of aggregate value creation. Some of those early VC investments include Planet Labs, SpaceX and Tesla. 

Rob Das
Titan of

rob das award.jpeg

Rob Das, co-founder of Splunk, was awarded the Titan of Innovation award. Since the late ’90s, Rob focused entirely on venture capital backed, early-stage companies where in addition to hands-on development, he held the roles of VP of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, and board member.

Dan Springer
Titan of


Dan Springer, former CEO of DocuSign, was presented the Titan of Tech award. Dan has almost 30 years of executive leadership and experience driving innovation and hyper-growth across the SaaS industry. Prior to DocuSign, Dan served as Chairman and CEO of Responsys, where he led the sale of the company to Oracle in 2013 for $1.6 billion.

René Lacerte
Titan of

award 1.jpeg

René Lacerte, awarded Titan of Entrepreneurship, is a fourth-gen entrepreneur. Prior to BILL, René founded PayCycle, the first and largest online payroll solution which was acquired by Intuit in 2009. Early in his career, he spent five years at Intuit, growing its bill payment and credit card businesses and launching Intuit’s first connected payroll product.

David Hornik
Titan of
Venture Capital

award 2.jpeg

David Hornik was awarded Titan of Venture Capital for his history of amazing investments. David joined August Capital in 2000 to invest in a broad range of software companies. Since that time, he has invested in dozens of companies across the software spectrum, including a number of enterprise software and SaaS (e.g, Splunk, Fastly, GitLab), consumer services (e.g., Evite, Ebates, Drop), and financial technology companies (e.g., WePay,, PayNearMe).

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